Dental Help for Low Income

Dental Help for Low Income

Families who have a tight budget do not need to worry about paying full price for dental work, as there are plenty of resources promoting dental help for low income families. Most resources are not advertised. This is because any time a free service is available, everyone will try to use it even if they don't have financial difficulties. Finding free dental work requires some research, phone calls and possibly even a few short car trips.

There are often mobile dental clinics that travel throughout the state. Every state has these, but the frequency of their trips varies from one state to the next. To locate these, call local dentists or contact the state's dental association. Professionals provide free care in these mobile clinics to receive tax write-offs or state bonuses. Dental professionals providing care are fully licensed and qualified.

Dental Help for Low Income Families

Not all free clinics are mobile. Every state has at least one annual free dental clinic, in which dentists and assistants from all over the state gather to provide free care. They donate hours of their time to help families who need dental care. Services such as cleanings, x-rays, scaling, extractions and fillings are performed free of charge. These are held on a first-come, first-serve basis.

One disadvantage about mobile free clinics is that they do not provide full dental help for low income families. In some cases, families may need to find an orthodontist to put braces on their children. Free clinics also do not create inlays, crowns or do any surgical procedures. Family members who need oral surgery or a wisdom tooth extraction need to find other sources of low-cost help.

Dental Help for Low Income Tips

Many oral and maxillofacial surgeons also donate their time each year. For a wisdom tooth extraction or severe unexplained tooth pain, start calling local surgeons and inquire about any discounted programs. Some offices offer a sliding scale with discounted rates for low-income families. Others may divide the bill into affordable monthly payments.

The best dental help for low income families is available from private providers. If possible, try to find a local dentist who is willing to work for less. Most people have a misconception that dentists are never flexible in pricing, however, this is not the case. With so many people unable to afford dental work, they are willing to accept lowered fees for families in need, especially those with young children. Keep in mind that the dentist can write off the difference on tax documents, so don't feel bad about asking for discounted rates.

Last Updated: April 20, 2011

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